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“Little Glimmers of Hope” - Bethany Molinar Shares the Goodness of God Through Work at Ciudad Nueva

“Little Glimmers of Hope” – Bethany Molinar Shares the Goodness of God Through Work at Ciudad Nueva

Now that Bethany Molinar has taken the reins as our new Executive Director, we want to take a moment to highlight her incredible leadership during these hard times! She described the work she does as “seeking shalom for our communities.” She does this by loving, supporting, and caring for the staff at Ciudad Nueva, making personal connections with the recipients of our services and helping wherever she can. Hope is a common factor in the work that she does, and she reflected on the many ways God accomplishes his work through our ministries. 

As she took on this role, Bethany shared that “God has encouraged me through this process. I feel like I am fitting in well with the staff. Our team has encouraged me with a lot of affirmation, and I’m so grateful!”

With bravery and discernment, she has faced difficulties as the director of our non-profit due to the COVID-19 restrictions. It has been a challenge to balance the prophetic work of taking care of the community with keeping staff and community members safe and healthy. Bethany takes time to pray over these decisions and find ways to love the community through these restrictions — spiritually and socially. She said that, “through all the uncertainties, God has been good.”

Bethany is well acquainted with Jesus’ message of loving our neighbors. She spoke as a keynote speaker at the No Need Among You Conference in Houston and taught a MasterClass on “Theology from the Border” with the Christian Community Development Association. The writing of Bethany Molinar can also be found on the Baptist Standard and the Voices Project. Her skills as a writer, public speaker, and deliverer of the Good News carry over into her work at Ciudad Nueva everyday.

Each person from the community who volunteers at Ciudad Nueva has unique and valuable gifts, says Bethany. “We can get lost in the big picture that looks scary right now,” she said. “When I think about all the scary things going on, I see God working in the little things.” She shared that during a prayer meeting, a little girl walked by the staff room, causing a bit of a distraction. As Bethany prepared to redirect her back to her class, she watched the precious girl begin to dance for the Lord in the midst of their prayer. Bethany has been blessed over and over by these “little glimmers of hope.” 

She has also learned how God uses people from the community to give and also receive ministry when they share their talents with others. “These people can come and get food but also minister to people.” Ciudad Nueva is a co-operative non-profit and welcomes the recipients of our services to give back. These folks can also build up their professional experience through their work here. Bethany said, “God is shaping their future work through their work here, as they look for professions. Each person has something to give.”

We are blessed to call Bethany Molinar our Executive Director. She reminds us that each effort made to love our neighbor is a part of the bigger picture.

Bethany said, “Being faithful in the little things is how you see God working through you.”

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