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Launch Pad:

Launch Pad YouTube channel created: content will be uploaded at least twice a week specifically geared towards our Launch Pad students, implementing various components of LP programming including:

  • Bible Focus Lessons
    • Music with Pastor Rick
    • Current Event updates
    • Exercise
    • Messages of hope and encouragement
    • Special Launch Pad Bucks challenges from the mentors and leaders
    • Craft projects with items you can find at home
    • Delivering craft supplies, books toys as able alongside Co-Op food 
  • Office Hours where LP coordinator and assistant are available to talk and answer questions 
  • Mentors regularly checking in on their mentees with parents’ permission via video phone calls and texts
  • Weekly Zoom calls and emails with Launch Pad mentors and volunteers to check on them as well as work together to come up with creative content

Kids Create:

  • Jesus at the center of everything we do
  • .Getting the word out to students about online content & encouraging them to be involved
  • Continue to build and maintain relationships with the students online, even though in-person hangouts will be limited via:
    • Group video calls
    • Small group text message threads
    • Small group phone calls
    • One-on-ones with staff and volunteers via Facetime and Zoom

  • Continuing to develop leadership & ownership of the program with high school interns, college workers, and volunteers by letting them take charge in creating videos & content
  • Developing online content in collaboration with volunteers, staff and interns to continue various KC program aspects including (but not limited to):
    • Weekly morning and afternoon devotionals and Bible studies
    • 6th grader community workshop project (already in progress prior to pandemic)
    • New Instagram content
    • Online musical worship
    • Leader challenges
    • Life skills lessons

High School:

  • Staff and volunteers will continue to build and maintain relationships with the students, listening carefully to and meeting any needs that may arise. One-on-ones and small group relationship building will occur via:
    • Group video calls
    • Facetime small group text message threads
    • Small group phone calls
  • Monday evening big group and Tuesday small group times via groupvideo calls with activities similar to regular programming as well as new activities including (but not limited to)

    • DIY crafts
    • Bible Studies
    • Monday Night Talks
    • Online gardening 
    • Physical activity challenges and creative games
    • Teach a Leader Tuesdays: giving the students a topic and letting them lead conversation and learning about it
    • Themed Days
    • Leader challenges: kids will challenge leaders to do crazy things
    • Netflix parties
    • Google Earth challenges
    • Prayer
  • Catalyst, our weekly college prep, life skills and job training program will continue via video group calls and will include:
    • Interactive life skills lessons
    • Career readiness training
    • College prep activities
    • Special guest speakers
  • Daily Instagram/YouTube devotionals at noon led by HS staff and volunteers

Food Co-Op/Adult Community Work:

  • Delivery and Drive Through Food
  • Distribution: Food Co-ops are revised to ensure minimal interaction of multiple people. A small group of staff and volunteers will pick up, sort, and prepare food boxes for pick up. Boxes will also be dropped off at vulnerable neighbors’ front doors
  • Elderly and Immunocompromised neighbors:
    • Vulnerable neighbors are consistently checked on by our Community Connectors Team to ensure their needs are being met.
    • These neighbors will also be paired with staff and volunteers who will act as their “buddies,” regularly checking on them and assisting them with things like grocery and medicine pickups, and running errands on their behalf so that risk is minimized as much as possible.