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“Serving Alongside the Community” — Sophie Wozniak Shares How El Paso Has Strengthened The Ministry of Ciudad Nueva

Sophie Wozniak is our incredible Administrative Assistant and co-leader of our High School program! She began volunteering at Ciudad Nueva in 2019 as she completed her Border Fellow program. In Northern Virginia, she earned her Bachelor’s degree and wrote her thesis on border security and U.S./Mexico collaboration. She worked at summer camps and enjoyed her work with children. She was drawn to El Paso through the Border Fellows program, having studied Latin America and Hispanic cultures in college as well. Having now lived in El Paso for almost two years, Sophie appreciates the strength and … [Read more...]

Ciudad Nueva’s Action Plan to Provide Services to Our Elderly Community Members

Caring for the elderly population of our community has long been a passion and goal of Ciudad Nueva. This year especially, our elderly neighbors need special attention and assistance due to the pandemic. We are eager to launch Ciudad Nueva’s elderly services, projected to begin next year!  Before our services had to change due to COVID-19, we offered Art Therapy classes to our elderly community members. Tamy, the instructor for this art class, was able to connect with and share Christ’s love with attendees, who enjoyed the social fellowship and the chance to use their creativity. The … [Read more...]

Staff Spotlight: Jen Kaufmann, Ciudad Nueva’s Communication and Event Coordinator

With so many wonderful ministries happening at Ciudad Nueva, it’s time to pause and honor an amazing staff member who plays many roles to keep us running! Meet Jen Kaufmann, our behind-the-scenes organizer and former coordinator of Launchpad, Ciudad Nueva’s program for elementary school students.  Jen first came to us in 2007 and volunteered her time in our middle school program. Cliff and Sami had already been acquainted with Jen before she began volunteering. She shared her artistic talents with our elementary and middle school kids, got to know our middle school students through … [Read more...]

Our Team Pays Tribute to Joe Gavaldon, a Long-Time Volunteer, as He Retires

Our team of volunteers and staff is what makes Ciudad Nueva great. We have a special love for our staff, who dedicate their time, work, and prayers to continue our mission in the El Paso community. In August this year, we had to say goodbye to a staff member that’s very dear to us. In this tribute to Joe Gavaldon, we reflected on his selfless service and meaningful ministry.  Several members of our staff shared memories they made with Joe over the years. He touched many lives through his time at Ciudad Nueva and spent countless hours being our handyman, supply stocker, and mentor. When … [Read more...]