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“Serving Alongside the Community” — Sophie Wozniak Shares How El Paso Has Strengthened The Ministry of Ciudad Nueva

Sophie Wozniak is our incredible Administrative Assistant and co-leader of our High School program! She began volunteering at Ciudad Nueva in 2019 as she completed her Border Fellow program. In Northern Virginia, she earned her Bachelor’s degree and wrote her thesis on border security and U.S./Mexico collaboration. She worked at summer camps and enjoyed her work with children. She was drawn to El Paso through the Border Fellows program, having studied Latin America and Hispanic cultures in college as well. Having now lived in El Paso for almost two years, Sophie appreciates the strength and … [Read more...]

Who is my neighbor? Where is my neighbor?

While the issue of immigration may have a highly political charge in our country right now, for Ciudad Nueva, immigration has a personal face. Some of our team at Ciudad Nueva have migrated to the United States. Immigrants are our neighbors. They are our friends. In addition, as a border city, we are accustomed to welcoming guests with open arms, making sure they enjoy the best food, and showing them all that is beautiful in El Paso. Making real connections with neighbors near and far The shifting sands of current immigration policies and divisive national conversations have left many in our … [Read more...]