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Volunteer Highlight: Here’s How Mr. Gary’s Current Events Prepared Our Kids for COVID-19

Young students in our community have been faced with a lot of change and uncertainty this year. We want our youth to be informed about the many important events that have happened in recent months. Most importantly, kids need to learn about how these events will impact them, how they can protect themselves, and how they can really make a difference.  Enter Mr. Gary’s Current Events class, right here at Ciudad Nueva! Mr. Gary is on a mission to provide our local 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students a place to openly discuss and get practical information about the current events of the world … [Read more...]

Hearts for Service: Two Border Fellows Share Their Experience

Each year, we welcome recent college graduates to work with us through our Border Fellows program. This 10-month leadership development program offers these graduates an opportunity to serve and learn as they transition out of college and prepare for their future calling. They work alongside our team while serving the community to deepen their understanding of service, justice, and reconciliation. Hear from two fellows who are in the middle of their time with us and what they’re learning along the way. From College to Calling “I have learned so much about working in a nonprofit … [Read more...]

Small Groups Breathe New Life into Middle School Ministry

“No kid goes unnoticed” When Lexi Moles, Ciudad Nueva’s Middle School Program Coordinator, received a complaint from a parent that their child wasn’t hearing about Jesus often enough during the middle school program, she could have dismissed it as inaccurate or unhelpful. Instead, Lexi chose to allow the parent’s complaint to serve as a catalyst for reevaluating the entire program. “We are a Christian- and faith-based nonprofit, so I thought the parent had a valid point,” Lexi says. “I guess the program had stayed stagnant for awhile.” Lexi responded by weaving small groups into the … [Read more...]