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Volunteer Highlight: Here’s How Mr. Gary’s Current Events Prepared Our Kids for COVID-19

Young students in our community have been faced with a lot of change and uncertainty this year. We want our youth to be informed about the many important events that have happened in recent months. Most importantly, kids need to learn about how these events will impact them, how they can protect themselves, and how they can really make a difference.  Enter Mr. Gary’s Current Events class, right here at Ciudad Nueva! Mr. Gary is on a mission to provide our local 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students a place to openly discuss and get practical information about the current events of the world … [Read more...]

Volunteers Come From All Walks of Life

Volunteers are an important component of almost every program that exists at Ciudad Nueva. Throughout our youth after-school programs, our food co-op, our family programs, and our immigration clinic, volunteers help us fulfill our mission of empowerment and transformation in the Rio Grande neighborhood.   In case you missed it, we recently published an article with many of our current volunteer needs for the fall. You can read it here. The volunteers that work with us not only fill a need, they also become part of our community. They come to learn and grow themselves, and you … [Read more...]

Volunteers Drive More Than Just the Buses Around Here

With a new school year starting, volunteers at Ciudad Nueva are preparing for the return of all our students to the usual school routine — snacks, games, homework help, and just hanging out. Our hardworking and dedicated volunteers are the engine that keep things running smoothly around here. Without them, many of our programs would not exist at all. We are always looking to welcome new volunteers, and the beginning of a school year is the perfect time to join our students in a new adventure for a season. No matter what your strengths and gifts might be, we can find a place for you to be … [Read more...]

Mustard Seed Café Serves Up Love and Opportunity

...And a delicious meal! From a tiny seed a plant can grow to nourish and sustain many people. A tiny seed of an idea was born in the hearts of our friends Christi Brown, Patsy Burdick and Shelley Speicher to open up the Mustard Seed Café. For about a year before the café actually opened they prepared the meals for Ciudad Nueva youth programs and community dinners as well as volunteered in our after-school programs, building relationships with kids and families in our neighborhood. In addition, Christi and Patsy participated in the Border Fellows class. “God had worked in my heart for … [Read more...]

Volunteering Brings Joy and a Longer-Term Involvement at Ciudad Nueva

Alison’s experience mentoring two Launch Pad students made a lasting impression on her ... and paved the way for a longer commitment Alison moved to El Paso in the summer of 2016. She and her husband were recently married and had been transferred here by the army from Washington state. Moving to a new city always provides an opportunity to try out something new and Alison was also looking for a way to meet new friends in El Paso. She had heard about Ciudad Nueva through a work friend while still living in Washington so she contacted Sami after moving here to see if there was a way she could … [Read more...]