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Blessings of 2020 – How God Used Ciudad Nueva In A Difficult Year

Here at Ciudad Nueva, we firmly believe that God can use even the most difficult, seemingly impossible situations for good. One thing is for sure — 2020 has been a very challenging year. As this new year begins, we are taking time to give thanks for the many ways God blessed us and our community, even during this unpredictable time. The No. 1 challenge we’ve faced at Ciudad Nueva in 2020 has been the physical distance from our beloved community. We love to see the faces of our kids, young adults, parents, elderly, partners, and everyone involved in our ministry. We miss the neighbors, the … [Read more...]

Mustard Seed Café Serves Up Love and Opportunity

...And a delicious meal! From a tiny seed a plant can grow to nourish and sustain many people. A tiny seed of an idea was born in the hearts of our friends Christi Brown, Patsy Burdick and Shelley Speicher to open up the Mustard Seed Café. For about a year before the café actually opened they prepared the meals for Ciudad Nueva youth programs and community dinners as well as volunteered in our after-school programs, building relationships with kids and families in our neighborhood. In addition, Christi and Patsy participated in the Border Fellows class. “God had worked in my heart for … [Read more...]

Meet Our Friends and Partners

Why we build community partnerships Community partnerships are at the center of what we do at Ciudad Nueva. It has been a part of our DNA since the beginning. As we have grown and learned through the years, our partnerships have also matured and improved. Although we might be able to do many things on our own, we believe that partnership is inherent to healthy communities. Communities are made of people, and healthy communities share resources and work together to make things better. Some of the reasons why we build community partnerships include: Not duplicating efforts - We want … [Read more...]