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Blessings of 2020 – How God Used Ciudad Nueva In A Difficult Year

Here at Ciudad Nueva, we firmly believe that God can use even the most difficult, seemingly impossible situations for good. One thing is for sure — 2020 has been a very challenging year. As this new year begins, we are taking time to give thanks for the many ways God blessed us and our community, even during this unpredictable time. The No. 1 challenge we’ve faced at Ciudad Nueva in 2020 has been the physical distance from our beloved community. We love to see the faces of our kids, young adults, parents, elderly, partners, and everyone involved in our ministry. We miss the neighbors, the … [Read more...]

Staff Spotlight: Jen Kaufmann, Ciudad Nueva’s Communication and Event Coordinator

With so many wonderful ministries happening at Ciudad Nueva, it’s time to pause and honor an amazing staff member who plays many roles to keep us running! Meet Jen Kaufmann, our behind-the-scenes organizer and former coordinator of Launchpad, Ciudad Nueva’s program for elementary school students.  Jen first came to us in 2007 and volunteered her time in our middle school program. Cliff and Sami had already been acquainted with Jen before she began volunteering. She shared her artistic talents with our elementary and middle school kids, got to know our middle school students through … [Read more...]

A Heart for Refugees Leads a Young Woman From Virginia to El Paso

The road to El Paso Shortly before she graduated from college, Keisha Branch, High School Coordinator and Border Fellows Assistant for Ciudad Nueva, made a decision that would have a lasting effect on her faith and her career: She chose to complete her internship at a refugee center. “I fell in love with the work and wanted to continue working with refugees, asylum-seekers, and other people who are marginalized,” Keisha says. “I grew up in poverty and as a person of color, so I have been marginalized myself.” After graduation, Keisha decided to apply to the Border Fellows program at Ciudad … [Read more...]

How Alma Martinez Helped Turn a Food Co-op Into a Community

When Alma Martinez first joined our food co-op a year and a half ago, she had no idea she’d be running it someday. “I was always there helping,” Alma says. “I got more involved and was going more often, then one day they offered me a job as the manager.” The staff recognized Alma’s unique abilities to organize and connect with people and knew they would benefit the co-op. “I’m fair,” Alma says. “I don’t let people just come in and take their food and leave. This is their co-op. They’re the ones running it. I’m just there to make sure everything runs smoothly.” A commitment to inclusion and … [Read more...]

Have You Met Joe?

You’ll see him doing all kinds of jobs around Ciudad Nueva. If you haven’t already, you will want to meet Joe. Joe Gavaldon had been working with Young Life for 25 years in south El Paso and had been collaborating with Ciudad Nueva youth programs. Then one day, it became clear that it was time for Joe to move on from Young Life. No one was expecting this — least of all Joe — and immediately Joe came to work at Ciudad Nueva. “I started the next day,” says Joe. “I felt like it was from the Lord because I was leaving one ministry and then coming to another the very next day. I enjoyed Young … [Read more...]