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Serving Each Other – How Ciudad Nueva Balanced Safety and Ministry in 2020

Community involvement is part of the strong, meaningful foundation Ciudad Nueva is built on. We are passionate about human connection. Seeing our neighbors volunteer and serve each other fills us with joy. Throughout the last year, creating a safe co-op has been especially challenging. We love seeing our community members face to face.   COVID-19 forced us to change how we interact with our community. For the safety of our neighbors and staff, our team put their heads together to work out the best way to continue our ministry and partnerships while maintaining social distance. … [Read more...]

Here’s How Our Community Art Program Is Bringing Joy to El Paso

At the end of a hall in the Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services, a small table was laid out with three-inch square sheets of brightly colored paper, wire, and scissors. As curious individuals walked by, we offered them the opportunity to work on an art project while they waited for legal counsel.  Some people were not sure what to make of being invited to do an art project while they were waiting to be seen, but others jumped right in. Soon many people were creating vibrant paper flowers and sharing stories from their lives.  Some shared the circumstances that had led them … [Read more...]