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Serving Each Other – How Ciudad Nueva Balanced Safety and Ministry in 2020

Community involvement is part of the strong, meaningful foundation Ciudad Nueva is built on. We are passionate about human connection. Seeing our neighbors volunteer and serve each other fills us with joy. Throughout the last year, creating a safe co-op has been especially challenging. We love seeing our community members face to face.   COVID-19 forced us to change how we interact with our community. For the safety of our neighbors and staff, our team put their heads together to work out the best way to continue our ministry and partnerships while maintaining social distance. … [Read more...]

Every Dollar Makes a Difference: We Are So Thankful For Our Generous Supporters!

The Selfless Giving of our Community As the end of this unique year approaches, we are reflecting on the generosity of our supporters. Those who chose to donate to Ciudad Nueva in 2020, no matter what amount, have made an incredible impact on our community. God can use your prayers, volunteer work, and donations — even donations of $10 a month — to accomplish His good work here in El Paso.  People who support Ciudad Nueva through prayer, service, or donations are people who invest in our local community. We are so thankful for those who have given through these times of financial … [Read more...]

Let’s go shopping! Ciudad Nueva’s 2017 Family Christmas Store is December 19th!

The Christmas Store is back! This annual Ciudad Nueva event provides an opportunity for families to purchase gifts for 15-20% of retail costs. This allows parents the pride and joy of providing a bountiful Christmas for their families from their own resources rather than receiving a handout from a stranger. Click here to read more about the experiences of some of our participants from last year’s event. Kids and parents get to experience the joy of giving Not only do the parents get to go shopping, our Launch Pad students will be able to use the “bucks” they have been earning this fall in … [Read more...]