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Blessings of 2020 – How God Used Ciudad Nueva In A Difficult Year

Here at Ciudad Nueva, we firmly believe that God can use even the most difficult, seemingly impossible situations for good. One thing is for sure — 2020 has been a very challenging year. As this new year begins, we are taking time to give thanks for the many ways God blessed us and our community, even during this unpredictable time. The No. 1 challenge we’ve faced at Ciudad Nueva in 2020 has been the physical distance from our beloved community. We love to see the faces of our kids, young adults, parents, elderly, partners, and everyone involved in our ministry. We miss the neighbors, the … [Read more...]

New Initiative to Increase Homeownership in the Rio Grande Neighborhood

An idea that’s been 15 years in the making When Sami DiPasquale became the executive director of Ciudad Nueva 15 years ago, he was eager to explore community development initiatives focused on housing and asset development. At the time, however, Sami was the only staff person at Ciudad Nueva, and he was only working part time. “I knew we had to focus on what we had right then,” Sami says. “We only had Launch Pad, the after-school program for elementary kids. Our initial energies had to be on expanding to middle school as the kids grew, then to high school.” Even more important, Sami knew that … [Read more...]